Invest in the growth companies at their early stage and growth stage

Early stage
Early stage
Increase the number of clients
Searching of funds for the company development
Engagement of full staff of the company and business implementation
Growth Stage
Growth Stage
Refocus of the product towards the mass-market customer
Expansion of sales and marketing. The exponential growth of sales
Introduction of official relations and hierarchies
Introduction of the internal quality assurance services (sales, finances, product development, technical assistance)

No financial discipline -
No Business Development

If you occasionally have problems with:

  • - liquidity and impossibility to meet your financial obligations
  • - competitors outdistance you, because they have a better equipment/staff/research and development/etc
= At some stage you have defied
a financial discipline to the disadvantage
of business
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    We will help you to understand, examine, make plans, establish a control and reinvest the profit properly.

  • We grant funds for the business development: the capital costs, the working capital financing, the research and development, the marketing.

  • We'll introduce you to the main companies in this market, the experts in specific areas and strategic investors.

The advantages from cooperation with us:

  • The structuring of the annual development strategy, priorities and KPI
  • The budget process, its analysis and adjustment
  • The search for an appropriate source of project financing
  • The access to the wide base of multifaceted investors
  • The testing of hypothesis for the opportunity to sell business in future
  • The analysis, development and correcting of the company’s business processes
  • The development of motivation for management

The investment strategy

  • Investment geography


  • The growth potential

    The investment projects should have a growth potential, which will help the Foundation to increase their price at least two times for five years.

  • Leadership in the sphere

    The Foundation considers the investments in those companies, which have a potential to take a leading position in the sphere and have certain competitive advantages.

  • The partnership

    Virtually in each project, the Foundation plans to attract a partner, having the working experience and professional expertise in the definite sector.

  • Active participation

    in the management of the target companies.

  • The professional team

    The personnel development in order to reduce the risks of making wrong investment decisions.

The priority investment sectors:

  • Telecommunication sphere

    — Operator market –
    FTTB and FTTH

  • Information technologies

    — the Project company
    — the Product company

  • Internet projects

    with such assets as the client base, technologies and design team

  • Real estate items

Our conditions of cooperation

Minimal participation interest – 25 %Maximum participation interest – 85%

The votes in the board of
directors are
arranged appropriately

A maximum possible sum of investments in 1 project is
discussed personally

Are you interested in?

So, mail the presentation about your company and write in the letter why are you searching for investors.

If we are interested in your project, we will readily meet for discussion.